100/100 Glow blog

Liz and I feeling a bit pleased with ourselves
You have to want it....
  • that deep sense of satisfaction and slightly smug 'didn't I do well' attitude
  • that glow from the inside outwards with a one of those smiles that stretches your facial muscles
  • the experience that has you on Twitter saying 'OMG just cycled 100miles'
  • the one where you ask how many calories was that?  and think now I can eat and drink what ever I fancy

and you might also want that additional glow from having
  • raised £££s for charity
  • ridden in memory of someone you lost through cancer

The Manchester 100 cycle sportive event is a charity ride in aid of Christies.  Its is on the 4th of September starting at Wythenshawe Park. There is a shorter route of 100 km should you prefer it. This and other events can be found on http://www.bike-events.com/

My aim is to get 100 women cycling this 100 mile event in 2011 with the aim of raising just £100 each and to share that 100/100 glow. It would be the first time 100 women have gathered together on a bike. I would like this to be an inspirational moment for women and girls with aspirations to ride their bike. See who has signed up so far http://www.100-100glow.blogspot.com/

Training Programme from May – September 2011 

In support of the event I am running this 10 Sunday session programme for women wanting to be fit and strong enough to ride the Manchester 100miles charity sportive event through fabulous Cheshire lanes in September 2011 
  • 15, 22 and 29th May ( 25 – 35miles)
  • 12 and 26 June  (40 –50miles)
  • 10 and 24 July (60 – 70miles)
  • 7 and 21 August (80 – 90miles
  • 4 September 100 miles or 100 km

You can expect to:-   
  1. be healthier and burn calories
  2. feel confident to ride in a group
  3. know how to deal with roadside bike repairs e.g. puncture, slipping gears, brake adjustments
  4. build up your miles gradually over 4 month from 25 mile rides with café stops to the 100 mile event
  5. hear about other training events and challenge opportunities
  6. be introduced to some useful cycling contacts 
You need to:-

  • have a road worthy hybrid or road bike (we can service it for you if needed). Mountain bikes generally don't have the right gearing for cycling on the road in a group
  • make a regular date with your inner cyclist 
  • commit to the improving your fitness levels even if you can't make all 10 sessions
  • donate approx £10 a session and still have enough money for cafe stops

Optional extras
  • taster session at the velodrome - £12
  • cycle touring weekend  2 – 3 July - £100
  • health and fitness assessment - £80
  • personalised training programme - £60
  • service your bike from £10