Good ideas in practice


As part of the 'try something new' approach to life, my partner and I set up a book club for friends and people in the street. It is now two years old and has an active membership of 14 people. It has undoubtedly changed how we feel about living here. It has changed the dynamics in the street for the better and without leaving the street we have had adventures in India, Ireland, South of England, from Mexico to Carolina, small town America, into the Pacific Ocean and onto New Guinea. 

What you must know is that I was the probably the last person in our community likely to set up a book club!

Crazy idea in practice

This year I was the catalyst for a street party which entailed getting our street closed and free of traffic. For the first time ever the residents, young and not so young got to experience the street free of cars. The day started with coffee in the sun and ended up with singing by the light of our standard lamp!

It was a fantastic event which has transformed relationships up and down our 50 house street and kick started some new projects. It seemed like a crazy idea and some people thought we couldn't do it - and we did!