Playing to your strengths and creating the best conditions for success


Can I help you create the best conditions for your success?

Over the last fifteen years, working as a head of service and more latterly as a management consultant I have had the privilege of working with Chief Executives of public and third sector organisations, many teams, strategic leaders, project managers, management committees and boards, politicians and youth councils. I use a variety of approaches to create the conditions in which their passions can enable them to perform at their best. 

As a trainer and manager  I coached employees and students enjoying every moment of their professional growth and development. I shared their passion for justice and equality for their clients and in providing qualities services. I , being a referee as they successfully moved onto their next position. 

For a good many years I worked with young people in their communities supporting them to realise their potential; to share in their passions, find and grow their individual and collective gifts and talents.For a time I specialised in working with young women coaching them to tap into their collective strengths and power to achieve some of their educational and social goals. 

In essence my role is helping you to tap into your strengths and give you the tools through which you can flourish. 

Are you putting time into where your strengths and passions are?