Healthy Workers: Happy Customers

Would you take advice on healthy eating from an overweight nutritionist or nurse?
Would you leave your children in a nursery with staff that smoke?
Would you book a hair and beauty session from someone that looks a mess?
Would you take your children for cycle lessons from someone that doesn't ride their bike?

The answer is probably yes because most of tend to be loyal customers but if it was easy to change - those factors might be the deciding ones.

The biggest asset an organisation has is its people. It makes good business sense to look after them by ensuring that employees remain healthy, motivated and happy. I have more than 30 years of experience of working with people wanting to improve their professional performance as workers and managers. Businesses and not-for-profit organisations in UK lose millions of pounds each year due to the poor health of staff. Unhealthy employees take up to nine days per annum more sick leave than healthy colleagues. It costs less to prevent injuries and illnesses than to treat them after they occur. Introducing healthy lifestyle habits and exercise to the workplace helps to create a happy, healthy, stress-managed workforce. It improves attendance and staff retention, and helps businesses to stay ahead of the competition and organisations perform at their best. 

I can offer:-
  • review of current health and wellbeing policies
  • individual health and wellbeing assessment
  • personal goal setting
  • bespoke 12 week programme focussing on your staff team wellbeing goals
  • team and customer challenges

In conjunction with BikeRight! I can offer our HealthCycle programme. HealthCycle combines personal targets, cycle training and technological GPS tracking to motivate, educate and monitor employees physical activity through cycling. This service is developed and delivered in partnership with building on our Commuter Cycling programme.  It is an exciting and innovative new project which will deliver long-term health and well being enhancements through inspiring and empowering the people of the North West a modal shift in their travel habits - a '2 wheels good' approach. 

You need to:-
  • want your business to perform at your best
  • have full cooperation of your staff
  • be open to doing things differently
  • invest time and resources in yourself and staff

Cost: Initial half day assessment is free and there is an introductory offer for businesses happy to feature as a case study on this and BikeRight! websites