Glynis is an experienced, knowledgeable and inspirational teacher and facilitator. She has many years of successful developmental work with individuals and groups in both public and private sectors. She’s a talented sportswoman, mainly but not exclusively, in cycling. She has many medals, diplomas and educational achievements including a masters degree and qualification as a health and fitness trainer.

All this is true – the kind of detail you need to know if you’re looking for someone credible, skilled and reliable to work with, which she is. But that doesn’t even begin to sum Glynis up, to fully describe her talents and qualities. She has the particular ability to motivate and inspire people and is passionate about helping individuals to develop – to become the best they might be – fitter, healthier, happier, braver.

Right now, Glynis is acting as health and fitness trainer for myself and a small group of neighbours, all of us wanting to improve our health and fitness through a planned programme. I’m definitely feeling stronger and more active, and as someone who isn’t at all sporty and who hates gyms, I’m surprised at how much fun the programme has been. Along with the effort we’ve had to put in and the skills we’ve learned, we’ve also had a lot of laughs, and have got to know each other better, which has been part of the pleasure.  

Glynis is dedicated and challenging, with high expectations of herself and others but she’s also compassionate about the limitations – some real, some imaginary – that all of us struggle with.  She’s committed to learning, to making connections, to building relationships, in streets, neighbourhoods and work places, to enrich the quality of people’s lives and enterprises. I’ve known her for thirty and more years and we’ve worked and played together in a number of different settings. In all of them she’s helped me to become more than I might have been without her.  If you’re looking for someone special who can really inspire you to develop and change, you’ve come to the right place.     

Heather Leach 
January 2011