Fab and Fit Family

This programme works to create the best conditions for you and your family to achieve your health and wellbeing goal. You and your family members need to want to make some changes however big or small - e.g. watch less TV, have more play time together, feel fitter, eat healthier food, be nicer to each other. You need to want to feel fitter and healthier as an individual and as a family.

You are given a health and fitness assessment, support in setting achievable goals and a family programme. We will build on the things you already enjoy and do well together and perhaps would like to do more of. We will look to reduce the impact of all those things that can get in the way. 

From there we pool ideas to create a Fab and Fit Family Contract for the agreed time of the programme e.g 12 weeks. The group contract is a combination of 'what' goals you hope to achieve, 'how' you are going to do that and by 'when'. We will plan to celebrate your achievements.

I will facilitate your Fab and Fit Family programme by helping to monitor progress and give feedback, set behavioural challenges to reflect the lifestyle you are looking for, provide individual life coaching and group fitness sessions and make sure we all have some fun. 

Cost: Free 30 mins consultation and negotiable fee starting at £40 a session