Fit Couple

This programme works to create the best conditions for you and your partner to achieve your health and wellbeing goals. 

You are each given a health and fitness assessment, support in setting achievable personal and joint goals. We agree a programme usually lasting 12 weeks and contract with each other to make it work, including celebration details.
Depending on your goals I can offer:
  • help you create the best conditions for success
  • organise fitness training sessions using the local park and facilities, your house and garden and my workout room
  • organise individual training sessions focussing on particular fitness areas and medical conditions
  • help you with basic exercise equipment
  • provide inspiration and motivation when the going gets tough
  • move into your house and empty your cupboards of all those unwanted temptations ...only joking

I will facilitate your programme - monitor progress and give feedback, set behavioural challenges to reflect the lifestyle you are looking for, provide individual life coaching and personal fitness sessions and make sure we all have some fun.

In exchange you need to:-
  • want changes for yourself and each other
  • be open to challenge......and achieving success
  • be your own best friend 
  • invest time and resources in the process
  • £500 - includes two health and fitness assessments each (one at the beginning and one towards the end), a health and wellbeing programme, 12 training sessions and telephone/email support.