Cycling for Women - feeling fitter and loving my bike

My story
I was once asked if I meditated. 'No' was my answer. It was a good question that led me to think about what I did do to achieve some of the benefits of meditation - that sense of inner connectedness and compassion, calmness and clarity. Cycling, I thought. Riding my bike has connected me to some of the most beautiful scenery and given me a strong sense of inner wellbeing. It can be my 'me' time and space to ponder. (By the way ironing does it for lots of women). I so enjoy that sense of being alive, breathing deeply, generating the power to get me up a hill and free-wheeling down the other side.(And yes I too can fear for my life and gesticulate with the best of them). 

It is my nature that having found something so good I want others to have a taste too. My dad's retirement present was a bike, all our children and grandchildren have bikes and no surprises here - all my friends have bikes! So I have been in the business of promoting happiness and well being with and without a bike for a long time. A recent convert is Doris.

Doris' story
I love a challenge. Channel 4's 5o'clock show has a slot where they get members of the public to do extraordinary things. I signed up to I didn't know what and a few days later a brand new bike and trainer arrived at my doorstop. GIANT sent me the bike and BikeRight! sent me Glynis. The challenge was a charity event, I had been entered for the 2010 Winchester PPP - peddle, paddle and pace triathlon, and I was to be the cyclist in the team. Over our 7 week training period me, 60 year old Doris went from being an occasional rider of an old mountain bike, too scared to go on the road and not knowing how to use my gears to.........handling a 27 speed, light weight, road bike over a hilly course. I achieved my target of 20km in under an hour and feeling fitter and road confident I went ahead and treated myself to that lovely GIANT bike.  We had a lot of fun speeding down the Irlam by-pass together! 

So if you or a friend are looking for a fitter you and some fun on a bike - get together with Glynis.