Finding the happy cyclist in me

Feb - March 2011 
6 sessions for women wanting a better relationship with themselves and their bike
  • 1 x personal training session
  • 4 x 3 hour cycle rides with cafe stop
  • 1 x3 hours maintenance workshop

You can expect to:-

  1. be healthier and burn calories
  2. feel safer on your bike and know how to do simple bike maintenance
  3. try different cycle routes with cafe stops out of Chorlton
  4. clock up your first 100 miles for 2011 in bite size pieces
  5. cycle 10 miles and not leave home (watch the TV, cook dinner or mind the kids)
  6. get connected with useful people in the Manchester cycling world

You need to :-

  1. want to find the happy cyclist inside you
  2. have a road worthy bike ( we can service it for you if that is needed)
  3. be prepared to get wet and dirty
  4. have a £100 for the programme and enough money to get a drink and cake at the cafe stops
Click here if you want to hear about my and Doris' story

Optional extras

  • discover safe places to ride with your kids - £30
  • sorting out commuter routes and clothing - £50
  • cycle touring weekend for adults - £80
  • taster session at the velodrome - £12
  • service your bike from £10

For more information and to book a place contact me on 07780900811 or